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Zoho OneAuth

4.8 ( 2608 ratings )
Zakelijk Diensten
Developer: Zoho Corporation

Zoho is taking your account security to the next level. OneAuth is the new Multi-Factor Authentication app created by Zoho. Install the application, setup your account and you are ready to go! Enjoy complete security and one-click access to all the Zoho apps you love.

OneAuth is important because:

> It secures your account with MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION.
> It allows SINGLE SIGN-ON facility across all Zoho apps.

Authentication Modes:

TOUCH ID / FACE ID - The most trusted and our most recommended way of authenticating you for your account.
SCAN QR - Point your phones camera at the screen and you are done.
PUSH NOTIFICATION - A simple yes/no approval to authenticate your sign-in. Receive push notifications on your configured smartphone.
TIME-BASED OTP - A time bound code is generated every 30 seconds, which can be used for sign-in.

Features youd love:

> One-click access to all your favorite Zoho apps!

> OneAuth supports the luxury of multiple devices, so if you dont have your phone with you, dont lose access.

> You can also use OneAuth on your iPad. A login request may be sent to all your active devices.

> Check for signs of any suspicious activity on your account by using the ACTIVE SESSIONS feature. Simply swipe left to remotely log out unwanted sessions.

> The RESTRICT SIGN-IN feature to block all sign-in attempts when enabled. You will have to disable this feature on your primary device the next time you want to sign in.

> The LOCATION SENSE feature in OneAuth lets you automatically allow sign-ins when youre at home or the office or any other “Safe Zones” which you might configure.
Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

> OneAuth works with OFFLINE VERIFICATION too.You just need to scan a QR-code or enter a distinctive code to generate a unique offline token for your account.

We would love to hear your remarks on the bountiful features weve tried to implement in OneAuth. Use the Feedback option as many times as you want!