Zoho OneAuth App Reviews

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Locked out

I was locked out of my ZOHO for nearly a week. More frustrating, a request for assistance took nearly 2+ days!? Unacceptable customer service. This us the second company I have utilized Zoho, instead of SaleForce, but it may be last

Can’t sign in

Appears to be stuck in some sort of a loop. It says "We have sent a login verification request to your mobile device" and to open oneauth application to scan your face. I can’t scan my face because I can't login.

Not suitable for corporate use

Pops me to safari looking for a google auth login, which I can’t use or install due to corporate terms of use policy issued. Can’t figure out how it register with FreeOTP. Not useful for me.

Not ready for prime time

Touch ID does not work. I do not receive notifications at all (despite the fact that I have allowed all push notifications from the app). I had to switch to the QR reader.

Can’t work without it

Hands down, most ergonomic secure authentication tool for an enterprise consolidated business online platform

App does not work!

I am scared this app is a scam to steal my information. I cannot get it to work. First I sign in with my google account and then after I am logged in and try to set it up, it says my password is incorrect. I went online on a web browser and changed my password. Then I tried the fingerprint and my password worked, but to create an account for two step verification I needed to scan a bar code. Every time I tried to scan the bar card the camera didn’t give me any time to focus and said it had an error. Please fix this app so I can use it and tell me it is not a scam. I chose it because it has the highest rating and most reviews so why doesn’t it work for me? Thanks!

Bar Code Read Bug

Downloaded app twice, registered, signed in and got error msg repeatedly trying to scan a barcode.

Great addition

Simply awesome


More security in my Zoho account

Kitchu from Zoho One made it easy

Best app for TFA


thank you


Won’t accept new pAssword or old password can’t reset password 100 times. Giving up Zoho. Google is easy and well designed.

Horrible App

This app is horrible!!!! Do not waste your time downloading it because it is a complete waste of time. I can not log into my account.


I still can’t get into my Zoho on my IPad! Absolutely horrible app, do not download!!!

Zoho just keeps getting better!

Zoho hands down has the best apps for business. I’ve used several different platforms in the past couple years and this is one of the best!

Super Secure!

No one is getting into my company files or my email. I love this system!


This app won't allow me to view any screen with out and "error" notification. Nothing on this app is working. Terrible glitch riddles app! Don't waste your time or money with this one

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